On August 29, life in Mumbai came to a standstill as heavy rains clogged the roads and submerged cars. Many were forced to spend an entire night trapped inside their offices or homes.


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At least six people died due to the rains, the heaviest in 12 years. The deceased include a lawyer who, according to the police, may have suffocated inside his car submerged in three-feet of water.



As Mumbai battled a natural (and partly man-made because of BMC’s incapability) disaster, there were many who shone through as beacons of humanity. One of them is Sikander Khan.

It so happened that Puja Vaish, a Mumbai resident, had to travel to some place during the rains. She booked an Ola cab, whose driver was Sikander Khan.

On her way to the destination, the cab got stuck on a flyover at Parel at about 10 am.


From that moment on, Vaish had to spend 10 hours in that cab. But in those 10 hours, she saw the greatness of a human being which moved her so much that she has asked Ola to reward the driver.

Vaish took to Facebook to describe the incident in detail. She wrote how he went into the rain to buy food for her from his own pocket and how he helped her reach a hotel as it was getting dark.


Puja Vaish/Facebook

Vaish’s post has been liked by 15 thousand people and has gathered more than 1 thousand shares. Commentators praised the action of the driver and joined their voices to demand a reward for him.


Puja Vaish/Facebook

It is indeed true that the worst of times often bring out the best of humans among us.
source: topyaps.com