14 Unbelievably Bizarre Things You Can Only See In China

Every country has some things that cannot perhaps be found in any other. But in some countries, these things turn out to be so bizarre that one cannot avoid having a good time knowing them. So here is a list of 14 most bizarre things you will get to see only in China:

1. Live crabs sold in vending machines

We know that hotels in many countries have live kitchens where they cook living animals in front of their customers, but selling live crabs in vending machines is a concept unique to China!


2. Ghost marriages

China has people who steal corpses and sell to the families of those who died young and unmarried. These families then arrange ghost marriages, that is marriage after death.


3. Whole sharks and crocodiles for sale at Walmart

Walmart is a big chain with stores in a number of countries but it sells whole sharks and crocs only in China.


Wondering whether the Chinese cook them in one piece, exactly the way they sell and buy them is quite amusing!


4. Traffic jam stand-ins

If you are stuck in a traffic jam in China, you can call traffic jam stand-ins. The service will send two people to you. One will take care of your car and the other one will take you away on a motorbike. That is perhaps because traffic jams in China are much more horrible than you can imagine.


5. Geese replace police dogs

In some parts of China, police use geese instead of dogs. According to them, geese have exceptional vision and aggressive nature.


6. Offices buildings have net pinned around them to prevent employee suicides

These seem to be just precautionary measures though!


7. Cockroach farming

This is a booming business one can make a lot of money from in China. Cockroaches are bred for use in Chinese medicines.

8. A stone forest that is 270 million years old

Located in Yunnan province of China, there is a forest of huge limestone formations. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this jungle is believed to be 270 million years old!!!


9. Canned air

Smog levels are so high in China that stores sell cans of fresh air in different flavors.


10. Teabucks

China has a chain of imitation Starbucks called Teabucks that sell a variety of hot and cold teas.


11. People wearing pajamas in public places

In other countries, people prefer not to wear pajamas in public places but in China, it is the other way round!


12. The kind of army any one would be happy to join

There are a lot of countries where women serve in the army but the Chinese one is notoriously known for having exceptionally glamorous females.


13. Nail houses

When residents of a particular place refuse to give up their apartment, construction workers are forced to leave the building as it is and carry out the work in remaining area.


14. Ghost cities

Cities with all sorts of amenities that are hardly inhabited. These cities are a result of rapidly developing housing market of China!

source: topyaps