And now- special coffee from special place- Elephant’s Dung!

Now you can get very special Black Ivory coffee- coming from Thai elephants’ dung!

First, the beans are eaten by the mammoth creature and next day, the remaining beans are plucked from its dung.


It takes around 33 kilograms of raw coffee cherries to create 1 kilogram of this coffee.

It is being made in northern Thailand hilly area where more than 20 elephants are oozing out one of the most expensive coffee in the world.

It is said to be an exotic variety and is being sold at $1,100 per kg or $500 per pound!

It is said to have an earthy and smooth flavor with no bitterness- because of a special reaction inside elephant’s body.

As of now, it is being presented only to the most wealthy or well travelled people- in northern Thailand, the Maldives, and Abu Dhabi- at around $50 per serving!

More than $250,000 has been spent on “developing” the beans.

Now you have come to know where your coffee is coming from!
Source: indianexpress