Amazing Unusual Ways of Burning Calories

Not everybody is a fan of working out in the gym. But weight is something that a lot of us worry about. Simply because, if the scales tip too much this way or that, it can lead to health issues that no one wants to deal with. A healthy human body needs to maintain a balance when it comes to weight. So what can be done to ensure that the body is rid of excess calories? Here are some unconventional ways that may seem like a stretch, but are actually helpful.

Exposure to cold

If you want to burn calories, embrace the cold weather. Science says that when the temperatures dip, the body’s metabolism increases. People who sleep in rooms at 19 degrees burn more than 7 per cent more calories than those who sleep in warmer rooms. This is because bodies work harder to raise the temperature, and burn up calories in the process.

Drinking cold water

The benefits of cold water are many. When looking to lose weight, staying hydrated is the key. Experts say that water temporarily boosts metabolism in normal and overweight may be adults or children. That is because when the body receives cold water, it begins to warm it so it can reach the normal body temperature, thus increasing the metabolic rate.

Playing guitar

Stay seated throughout your guitar practice and you’ll burn around 140 calories per hour while standing you’ll burn off 200 calories in an. You’ll also boost your musical skills while you burn those calories.

Riding horse

Riding a horse at a walk, trot or canter can burn up to 500 calories in a couple of hours. You’ll also experience the mood-lifting benefits of being outdoors and interacting with nature. More than 80 per cent of regular riders say their hobby makes them feel ‘quite a lot’ or ‘extremely’ cheerful, relaxed, happy or active.


You know when they ‘laughter is the best medicine’, they mean this. Laughing is said to improve mental and physical health. And according to a study, it also burns calories by increasing the metabolic rate by 10-20 per cent. The said study was conducted on 45 couples who were made to watch humorous and serious films.

Donating blood

Albeit temporarily, blood donation can help get rid of calories. When you donate blood, the body uses the energy to replenish the protein, red blood cells and other components, thereby burning calories in the process. Obviously, this is not something that you do every day, but by donating blood once every few months, you do your body great help.

Chewing gum

Chewing gums can give you a sense of fullness and reduce your calorie intake. This activity suppresses your urges, so you snack a little less. According to a study conducted in the past, chewing a gum for 20 minutes after each meal increases the metabolic rate, as opposed to not chewing gum. Always remember to choose sugar-free gums for the sake of your teeth.