Grape seed extract is a marvelous natural ingredient in the fact that it attacks cancer cells and leaves the healthy cells unharmed.


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A common type of berry, the grape was introduced into America over 300 years ago; with

8,000 varieties of this berry the primary types of grapes originate from America and Europe. With only 100 calories within a cup grapes offers a considerable amount of vitamins K and C and packed full of antioxidants

Grape seed extract originates from the seed of the grape and gives benefits to those with cardiovascular conditions such as poor circulation and high cholesterol, it has been found to be useful with diabetes related eye disease, loss of vision, and swelling associated with injury. In current events grape seed extract is being examined for its potency in the treatment of leukemia and alzheimers disease.

Past research on the seed extract has shown that the grape seed extract is a solution for a vide variety on cancers incuding colorectal cancer. Foods rich in flavanols; such as grapes apples and varieties of berries are proven to greatly reduce the risks of colon cancer.

Advanced cancers and grape seed extract

The compounds within the grape seed extract react and particularly aims for various cancer cells; with a increase of colorectal cancer, the study is very timely for a ample amount of people.

By the time this cancer is found, people are in the late stages of cancer, but with further study it is shown that less grape seed extract is required to kill cancer as compared to early stages of cancer. It is strongly believed that this process is done by oxidative stress on the cancer cells.