Toddler ‘forced to drink beer and smoke weed by parents’ [Video]

The girl nearly falls over after passing out in the video.

A toddler has been caught on camera looking visibly drunk as her teenage parents encourage her to smoke cigarettes and drink beer.

The video, reportedly taken in Argentina, shows the little girl swaying and apparently intoxicated.

She then nearly falls over after passing out, while her parents are hear laughing in the background.

The girl’s parents, who are 17 and 18-years-old, claim the video was made as a joke and say they had not really given the child alcohol or cigarettes.

However, the footage shows the toddler clearly swaying and the mother rushing in to catch her.

The parents are also thought to have given the girl cannabis to smoke, according to reports.

They were arrested at their home in Formosa in north-central Argentina after the video was shared on social media.

Staff from the Police Investigation Brigade, the Secretariat of the Ministry of Childhood and authorities of the
Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office intervened and took the child away from the parents.

The young girl is now in the temporary care of her grandmother.

Her mother may be tried in the juvenile justice system as at 17 she is still a minor. The current legal status of the girl’s father is not yet known.

People expressed their disgust at the video online, with one person writing: ‘They deserve the worst! Poor princess. They do not deserve to be parents. That small angel.’

While another wrote: ‘Parents? They are not parents, anyone can have children but that does not make them parents.’