Pregnant Pit Bull Who Refused To Give Birth Stuns Everyone With Her Ultrasound

Animals are such living creatures that are way innocent as compared to human.There are animals,which we can pet like a cats and dogs who becomes a part of the family.These animals specially dogs have ever lasting attachments with their owners and have immense love for them.

Here is one such story about a pet named Storie which will surely make you think about your pets twice.

Storie The Dog

This dog was pregnant with 12 puppies and was under the care of Chris and Mariesa .Well these two prepared themselves for delivering the puppies .To foster her they made a comfortable bed and every setup possible.

In Labor

Well she was in labor still she was not ready to give birth to those puppies.The reason you will find it in the video.

The Video

Well here is the video which would tell you everything.