Tips For Successful Marriage

Tips for successful marriage by Chanakya


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A scholar of unparallel wisdom, Chanakya, is known to the world as an ancient Indian philosopher, teacher and an extensively admired economist, who never disappointed his enemies, by surpassing their war antics.

Knowledge of people
His insight on people and how they project themselves to the society has been well-acclaimed over the years. But, his thoughts on women changed the world’s perspective towards the latter.



Understanding women 

In the second chapter of Chanakya Neeti, he explains, “Anritam Sahasam Maya Murkhatramatilubdha Ashochatvam Nirdayatvam Strinam Dosha Swabhavaja.” (Speaking false, starting a work without giving it any thought, daredevilry, deceitfulness, foolish acts, greed, impurity and cruelty – these are basic of a woman’s nature.)

Successful tips
In his political treatise, Arthashastra, he mentions the trick to determine the true reality of any individual. And, what could it prove important more to than in case of marriage, where two individual blindly trusts one another, enough to spend the whole life together.

Importance of marriage
Marriage is the most needed thing of our social life and every person wants to live a successful married life so that he can live happily with peace. Chanakaya has given many secrets for a successful marriage in Chanakaya Niti.

Tip 1
While every man desires a beautiful woman to marry, Chanakya, instead has views that are otherwise. Going by his words, than if a girl is beautiful, but does not belong to a good family then a man must never marry her.

Tip 2
Chanakya explains that a man must send a marriage proposal to a family that holds either equivalent stature in the society, or even lower, but should never go for a girl from family above his stature, or else he’ll lose his respect in the eyes of society.

Tip 3
He advises that marrying a girl, who is not beautiful, but holds family values, will always be a successful liaison and will prove healthy for both families.

Tip 4
Chanakys says that both man and woman must put together equal effort to love, as this is first thing that takes a hit in marriage. Anyone who falls out of it, should try to remain loyal to the significant other’s love and emotions, or must fear the end of liaison.

Tip 5

For women, Chanakya has something important to say, he advises them to duly serve their husbands, as it is the swarg for a wife. But, no man must ever ill-treat or take advantage of a woman under his shelter, or be ready to lose respect and stature in society.

Tip 6
He further says, a good wife is the one who is honest and clever. She must love her husband and make effort to bring in the peace and harmony in the family.

Tip 7
Chanakya warns a husband against mistreating or hurting his wife, or shall be ready to bear her harsh brunt that will not only give rise to marital discord.

Tip 8
Men must never talk or quarrel about the other women in the family, as it brings with it endless sorrow to the family and their own relationship.

Never marry these women
However, Chanakya also says that it is not important that women who look beautiful on the outside are beautiful on the inside as well , he suggests that men should not marry these kind of women.

Check family background
Chanakya says that one should not marry a woman who does not come from a good family, even if she is beautiful. Such a woman has the potential to break the family, going forward.

If a woman is rude and obnoxious, then a man should not marry her even if she is beautiful. Such a woman can bully her husband into doing anything she wants.


If a beautiful woman has a bad nature, then she can easily severe ties with her husband later on. Hence a man should not marry such a woman.

A woman who lies will use that against her husband. Hence, she will eventually tear the family apart. Hence, a man should not marry such a woman.

A woman who is unfaithful to her family members might be unfaithful to her husband — she might cheat on him later in life. Hence, a man should not marry such a woman.

Household chores
According to Chanakya, a woman who does not know much about household chores should not get married. Even though this point is debatable in today’s time, Chanakya thought that a woman should know how to do all household chores.

Is not religious
Chanakya says that a man should not marry such a woman who is not religious or pious. According to Chanakya, a woman must fast for some days and regularly pray to the Lord. If she does not, the man should not marry her.


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