Man Traumatized After Nearly Drinking 2 Lizards Swimming In A Canned Beer

Many drinkers prefer canned beers over bottled ones. These drinks are best consumed after a stressful day in work. But instead of the light headed experience after drinking beer a man from California became traumatized after drinking a beer with two dead lizards drenched on canned Heineken beer.


George Toubbeh bought the canned beer at a local Ralph’s supermarket. In the initial sip, he felt that it tastes strange and bitter with a reeking foul smell. He peeked at the hole of the can and saw 2 geckos in it. He suffered weeks of trauma and nausea after the incident. He missed many days of work due to the incident.


He filed a lawsuit on Heineken Company because of the lack of quality control. The lawsuit also included the Kroger Co Group for not inspecting the contents of the products before distributing it to the consumers. Up to this day, the 2 geckos are still preserved to serve as an evidence.