Card games are place of good time and some laughs. This woman is unlucky enough to have her jaw stuck after having extended laughing fits.


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A lady named Mrs. Qiao played a card game with her husband to stave off boredom during their extended trip from Nanning to Quingdao City China.


Before they even began playing the card game to combat boredom, something unexpected happened. Mrs. Qiao became too giddy before the cards are set. She laughed so hard and she started an extended laughing fit.

The laughed hysterically until her jaw was dislocated. Mrs. Qiao laughed and opened her mouth so hard and she heard a minor cracking noise and her jam and BAM! she can’t close her mouth anymore!


Her husband was shocked to see Mrs. Qiao injured after laughing too much. The husband told the train staff to stop at the nearest hospital in Guilin City, the next stop. Train staff and crew found it strange to have an injured passenger inflicted by too much laughter. The Guilin City local hospital treated Mrs. Qiao’s jaw for 2 hours.

May Mrs. Qiao’s case serve as a lesson for those people who laughs too much. Boisterous laughter can disrupt trips sometimes. It is true that laughter is the best medicine but it should be also noted that :do it moderately!