Obama’s old rules of Mosques being off limits is off the table. President Trump authorized an air strike on a mosque in Mosul, Iraq, which has wiped out the entire remaining Iraqi ISIS leadership. This comes as the organization collapses all around itself.


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US Air Force released the names on Friday of the remaining leaders killed due to the airstrike on Al-Najjar Mosque in the northwestern part of the city:

  • Abu Khalid (Saudi national).
  • Sabah al-‘Anzhi (Saudi national).
  • Abu ‘Azzam (Saudi national).
  • Abu Hijab (Saudi national).
  • Abu Siyah (Jordanian national).
  • Abu Taybah (Jordanian national).
  • Abu Abdul-Rahman Al-Ansari (Saudi national, commander of Jund al-Khalifa, ISIS’ elite assault troops).

In retaliation, Under the guise of poor weather, ISIS militants unleashed a massive counter-attack in residential neighborhoods of western Mosul the following day.According to a military source on the ground, upwards of nine ISIS suicide bombers blew up near army positions held primarily by the Iraqi Federal Police and Rapid Response Units.

The attack was repelled however as the jihadists could not hold onto the neighborhoods seized following the assault. The terror group is rapidly collapsing, with almost all of their Iraqi checkpoints vanishing overnight in ISIS territory.


Knowing the rules of engagement under Obama, ISIS militants have become acustomed to using hospitals and mosques as bases of operation.

Source : newpoliticsfuturenews.com