Man Punches Female Stranger On Subway, Has No Clue Who’s Waiting To Offer Up Street Justice

Manspreading is when a man spreads his legs and takes up much more space than he needs in a public space. We’ve all seen it happen, but nowhere does it happen as frequently as in New York City. On the subway trains, you’ll see men of all different ages and races taking up the space of two or three people. But after a woman complained to another man about his “manspreading,” he launched into a disgraceful rant before punching her in the face.


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Because the man took up so much space and crushed her against a wall, 37-year-old Sam Saia told the man to stop “manspreading.” In response, he flew into a rage and ultimately punched her in the face. He was kicked off the subway shortly after that.

In a video taken at the crime scene, you can see a Good Samaritan trying to intervene and tell the man to leave the train before he hurts anyone else.

Because Saia did not want to be pressed up against the wall, she confronted the man who was trying to take up more space than he needed. She was on the N train this past Thursday when the violent incident occurred.

When she confronted him, he turned violent, started to curse and swear, then he punched her in the mouth. She simply wanted him to give her some space.

When Saia asked the man to give her some space, he turned to her and launched into a rant.

He shouted, “B****, you ain’t nothing! I’ve raped white b*****s like you, f***ing c—! You ain’t nothing, you f***ing b—-!”

The video was filmed at about 7:45 am and captures what happened after the man already assaulted her.

And after the “manspreader” hit Saia, a bystander stepped in to get him off the train. This Good Samaritan is heard shouting, “Get the f*** off the train. Get off the train bro, you just f***ing hit a lady.”


The Good Samaritan, who has not yet been identified, is seen restraining the violent “manspreader” and warning him to leave.

“You hit her in the face. She’s bleeding. Look at her mouth. Just get off at the next stop.”

At this point, the aggressor realizes he made a mistake. He tries to apologize and backtrack, but no one wants him around. It is assumed he left shortly after that.

In an interview with the Daily News, Saia said,

“This took me by surprise. It’s just a matter of safety. I want my neighborhood to be safe. I don’t want this to happen to other women or men.”

Fellow passenger and witness Anthony Macca shared the video online. Although he did not witness the punch, he heard the ensuing argument and started filming the drama.

It is unclear whether the aggressor had a mental illness or perhaps a drug addiction. Since the subways are a public space, it can be best to remove yourself from the situation as confrontations can quickly arise and surprise you.

What do you think about this footage?