Day: 10

Award-Winning Photographers Unite To Expose Cruel, Illegal Wildlife Trade

These photographers are capturing animals and the people that help them. International photographers that capture wildlife and the environment have formed a group called Photographers Against Wildlife Crime to utilize their best skills as a method of exposing the illegal wildlife trade. While it’s already incredibly heartbreaking to hear each new story about a recent

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The Most Dangerous Cities In The World For Women

London was ranked the best place for women to live. Credit: Romain Beurrier/Wostok Press In a recent survey conducted by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the organization asked experts in a range of women’s issues in 19 different megacities about the amount of protection and support women receive in those cities. The megacities were categorized as

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A Bone Chilling Experience In Chillingham Castle

Chillingham Castle is the most scary place in Europe. Even though, you may see quite a few visitors and sometimes even weddings are held there at day time, there are some disturbing vibrations at this place. Located in Northumberland, England the Chillingham castle has seen many wars, deaths, tortures and many unspeakable acts since the

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