Science Proves Story From The Bible Actually Happened, Silences All God Deniers

Often, scientists are some of the first people to discount Christianity and organized religion. Because people who rely on facts and “what I can see in front of my face” won’t believe anything unless it can be proven, they are quick to discount the ancient stories in the Bible and the existence of God, in general. But now science and archaeology, the very practice developed by non-believing atheists, have found evidence that proves the truth behind ancient Biblical scriptures.

On a recent dig, the Israel Antiquities Authority made a startling and historic discovery in Jerusalem’s Old City. On the did, they found thousand-year-old mosaics and other amazing things that they plan to put them all on display in an “archaeology campus” for anyone who wants to see examples of Biblical history.

This new find was made in the City of David. While archaeologists initially thought this area was outside the city walls, further excavations indicate that it might have been the city center at some point.

The dig was conducted near where British engineer Sir Charles Warren discovered the early water supply tunnel he named Warren’s Shaft. For decades, a huge archaeological discovery was just waiting to be made, and it was only next-door.

It took a particularly meticulous archaeologist. One who would look at all the different layers of the earth. And as he was digging into a deeper layer than Warren had, he made his ground-breaking discovery.

Dr. Joe Uziel, the excavation leader and member of the Israel Antiquities Authority, found something unexpected within a layer.

The team found many artifacts. While they were amazing, at first, they didn’t appear to be anything but pieces of an ancient civilization. And while that is cool, Dr. Uziel finds those kinds of things every day. But this was an exceptional find – a once in a career find.

It was an ivory statuette. A skilled craftsman had made it in style the Egyptians used to use. They also found stamped markings on jugs they found in the deep layers.


They learned these were used to put an approximate date on artifacts. The marking meant “for the king” and was placed on things in the time of King Hezekiah, eight hundred years before Jesus.

Based on his investigation, Dr. Uziel learned that the artifacts were from 701 BCE. And the jugs were “characteristic of the end of the First Temple Period and were used for the administrative system that developed towards the end of the Judean dynasty.”

Deep in the excavation, the crew found what was later called the “destruction layer.” In this layer, objects were burned, and remnants of corpses were found. The team wanted to learn what this meant. They found that at the time, the king of modern day Iraq was Nebuchadnezzar II. The Bible mentioned him in multiple books. And in the Book of Jeremiah, he was labeled the “destroyer of nations.” And he had laid siege on Jerusalem. They eventually broke through. Then in 2 Kings, chapter 25, verse nine supports what the destruction layer means.

“He burnt the house of the Lord, and the King’s house; and all the houses of Jerusalem, even every great man’s house, burnt he with fire.”