This guy reading the newspaper on the subway is Keanu Reeves.

The Unknown side of Keanu Reeves

He comes from a problematic family; his mother used to be a stripper, his father got detained for drug dealing when he was just 12. His whole family shifted to Canada where he had numerous step fathers.

He saw his girlfriend passing away when she met with an accident. They were planning to get married and had also lost her baby before the accident. This is why now he avoids having kids and committed relationships.

He’s one of those few Hollywood stars who do not own a Mansion. He says: ‘I live in an apartment; I have all that I require all the time, then why opt to live in an empty house?’

Joaquin Phoenix’s brother River Phoenix, one of his dear friends, died of overdose. Around same time, Keanu’s father got arrested yet again.

His younger sister fought leukemia and is now cured. Keanu donated around 70% of his profits from his movie Matrix to those hospitals that treated the same disease his sister fought.

To celebrate one of his birthdays, he went to a small candy shop to buy a cake for self and ate it alone. When any admirer walked by, he was seen talking to them and shared cake with them too.

He doesn’t sport fancy garments and doesn’t have bodyguards.

When anyone says ‘Sad Keanu’, he replies: ‘You might require happiness to be alive, I don’t.’