We all love to see videos that remind us that nature is metal as hell. A recent video of a horse fighting an alligator is not an exception to that morbid rule. Since the video surfaced, it’s been leaving people confused and speechless (myself included). I watched it over and over again for the purposes of this article (and my own amusement), and I’m still at a loss for words.


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Most of us can’t watch any viral interaction between animals caught on film just once. We rarely see animals engaging with any other species apart from their own. So, when they do, it’s always worthwhile.

Spectators at Florida’s Paynes Prairie Preserve witnessed a rather unusual animal fight that answered the old-age question: who would win in a fight between a horse and an alligator? If you watch the video, you can see that there’s no question as to who won the fight (if you consider a one-sided beat down a fight at all.)


In a perfect world, horses would remain on land and alligators would stay near large bodies of water. As a result, they would rarely cross paths (unless an unlucky horse got thirsty close to an alligator pond). If these two largely different creatures ever did come across each other, both parties would remain unbothered and happily coexist. Unless you’re the horse in the video, that is.


Coexisting in their natural habitat quickly goes downhill when the horse violently kicks the alligator in its lower half as a warning. Reports say that the footage spectators happened to catch on video was not the first fight between the two animals.