A small breather once in a while doesn’t really harm anybody, does it? You are gonna relish this breather that we are about to provide you. This is amazing. Take a look…


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I am a strong believer of the fact that art brings the world together. Art possess that power of uniting people which we humans don’t. A simple piece of art can open so many avenues of conversation for people irrespective of their caste, religion or race.


Dance is one of the purest forms of art. Now there are various forms of dance as well. The one that you are going to witness in a few minutes from now is called ‘The Dance Of Love’. Ever heard about that? Don’t worry if you are new to it.



The Background

You might just be alien to ‘The Dance Of Love’ but you must have definitely heard of this dance form called Rumba. This dance form that hails from Cuba is considered to be one of the most romantic dance forms ever. It is incredibly difficult to master your moves while performing this and your body needs the grace of a fairy from the fairy tales.



In the following video, you’ll see how beautifully a couple is performing this dance form. The most notable thing in the video is the female dancer’s costume. No one could take their eyes off that.


Keep reading ahead to see the video.


The Video

Along with the moves, the dress of both the dancers is gaining a lot of eyeballs. The most popular kind of rumba dance is called Guaguanco, or “the dance of love” and this couple is performing that. Watch the video till the end and you’ll know the reaction of all the people around. This is amazing.



Checkout the video here.