Most Effective Way of Reducing High Blood Pressure in 5 Minutes Without Medication

High blood (hypertension) pressure is a disease of the present time, related with lack of sleep, increased stress, diet, sweating, headaches …


Currently, all people are found in a situation where their blood pressure level is increased. We found ourselves everyday in situation of stress or increased physical activity where the muscles get tired and the blood vessels slimmer, generating pressure. Whenever you find in such situation do you know exactly what is needed to regulate the blood pressure? The muscles require rest immediately. But actually, how can we relax the muscles?


The secret is found in the old Chinese alternative medicine where the blood pressure could be regulated in couple of minutes, without using pills. Having a proper blood flow to the muscles and tissues is most important.


When there is a slowing flow of bloodstream anywhere in the body, this can cause expansion of the disease.


Finally, by allowing to the body enough blood circulation, the disease can be rapidly healed. Massaging specific spots is important, that can help healing.


There are 2 spots on the head, which can help us to lower the blood pressure.

1 spot:



This isn’t a real spot, but a region. This region is next to the ear lobe toward the center of the clavicle. There is no needed to apply any pressure to this region, neither massage, just very soft movements of the hands all the way through, hardly touching with the fingertips. Repeat this 10 times, in cycles from both sides of the face.


2 spot:



This spot can be found on the level of the ear lobe, 1/2 cm from the ear in the direction of the nose. This spot must be massaged with the fingertips approximately a minute from right side, minute from the left side of the face. Give pressure to the spot, but don’t allow it to hurt. This procedure can be performed clock way or counter-clock way. We must mention that is important to have feeling of pressure on the spot, but must not hurt you.

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