Shocking Photos Show Girl Who Inspired The Exorcism Of Emily Rose

In the early 1970s, a young woman from Germany by the name of Anneliese Michel would undergo 67 exorcisms before her death in 1976. This real life horror story would inspire the fictionalized version titled The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Unfortunately for Anneliese, the real life horror-tragedy began when at just 16 years old. Shocking photos were released of Anneliese, showcasing her unfortunate decline in health and strange behaviors.


It began when the young girl began experiencing hallucinations, describing to her family what she thought were demonic faces appearing to her day and night. As her symptoms progressed, young Anneliese began showcasing other odd behaviors, such as licking urine off the floor of bathrooms, eating insects and arachnids, and speaking in tongues. Anneliese would claim that voices in her head would tell her to “stew in hell.” Her devout Catholic parents believed that something was unnatural or demonic about their child, noting how sweet and innocent she was before her sickness.


The young woman and her family were uncompromising and devout Catholics, which sparked fears in Anneliese that the devil would take control of her soul. These fears would eventually escalate, causing her to find disgust at the sight of a crucifix and religious symbols. The photos show just how sick Anneliese would become. The exorcisms, (all 67 of them) were performed by a certified exorcist and priest in the Catholic church.

The treatment of Anneliese would, unfortunately, be considered a mental illness today. At the time of her death, Anneliese weighed only 68 lbs, as she starved herself believing that it would weaken her inner demons. The priests believed she was possessed by six different entities but their claims were inconclusive. Anneliese’s parents and the priests involved were eventually charged with negligent homicide, as by today’s standards she was denied proper medical treatment for her condition.


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