CAUGHT ON CAM: NYPD officer punched teenager, gets suspended

NYPDcop in civvies was suspended due to punching a 16 year-old black teenager during arrest on Monday morning. The YouTube video, posted on Wednesday, was recorded using a smartphone has 4, 734 views as of this writing and is garnering different feedback from thenetizens.

The YouTube video reveals three uniformed police officers trying to handcuff two black teenagers.The man later identified as Police Officer John McDevitt of the 7th Precinct, was seen rushingtowards one of the teenager with a clenched fist and threw punches$ on the youth’s side out of a sudden.

According to some news sources, the arrest was in response to 911 after three youths were reportedly assaulting a 20-year-old man with a cane Monday morning on East Broadway near Clinton Street.The victim was hurt with a broken jaw, according to CBS News.

“When the victim was asked, he said those weren’t the guys. They (teenagers) were still taken away,” according to Washington Post. However, Professor Robert McRie of John Jay College said that the arrestee was in no position to escape when the plainclothes officer hit him. “A police officer who does something like that to someone who’s already subdued is due for disciplinary action,” he added.

Authorities announced the suspension of McDevitt on Friday as the investigation about the incident goes forward.

A woman can be heard from the video defending the teenager who shouts in pain after receiving the blows from McDavitt. Numerous protests from the public against police brutality have taken place in New York these days because of several issues for aggrieved human rights over the power of police authorities.

source: washingtonpost  nydailynews   cbsnews