If anyone of you has ever experienced a sleep paralysis- waking up in the middle of sleep and being incapable to move, breathe, feeling a excess weight on chest; able to see, hear, feel and smell or even sensing an evil existence in your room- you probably have the ‘old hag!


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It is a frightening sleep disorder that many people experience where they wake up in middle of night- being unable to scream or move- although clearly able to hear, smell, see, and feel.

It is also called as sleep paralyses and lasts only up to a minute.
It many times comes with by odd smells, weight on chest, scary sounds, shadows of spirits, etc.

Many scientists say that it is mostly caused by the hormones or even paranormal activity- paralyzing a person whilst sleeping and then stopping from acting out their dreams.

This is also one of the most horrifying things that many people experience- as a mystic phenomenon that science always defies.
If you too have experienced anything similar to it, please share your experience