Best way to Make your Christmas Awesome even with a small budget

Christmas Tips 1
We all want to give our families a magical Christmas experience, but due to lack of money may you are going to cutting down on quality. Still there are some ideas, which can make your Christmas more enjoyable than ever without spending a lot of money.


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1. Make a budget for Christmas in advance
Set an amount, based on your savings for Christmas. Separate the money on Christmas festivities, gifts, catering or whatever else you think important. However, stick to your budget so that you understand what you can afford and what not.

2. Talk about the costs and gifts to your family
Sit down together and discuss about your budget and gifts. Share what you can afford for each member. This sharing is very important in the large families. Suggest everyone for choosing gifts thoughtfully rather than looking at prices.

3. Cut out all unnecessary items
There are a lot of items that are not necessary at Christmas time. Buy an artificial tree instead of a real tree because a real tree costs money every year, but an artificial tree is an one-off cost. So buy an artificial Christmas tree (and preferably from sales offers) and look after it for next years.
Save your money by not including the finite resources in your Christmas celebration such as Ribbons, bows, fancy tape, sticker etc. Lighten your home, but don’t spend any big amounts in lighting outside of your home.

4. Take advantage of sales offers for Christmas
Keep your eyes regularly on sales offers, particularly closer to Christmas, end of summer or sales after thanks giving etc. Moreover, take advantage of post-Christmas sales for your next Christmas and keep them somewhere safe and use when Christmas comes again.

5. Make Christmas gifts on your own.
Make your printable gifts by you own. Use your skills where you are best such as knitting, sewing, decoupage, crocheting, woodwork etc. Make handmade gifts from inexpensive and recycled items.

6. Make Christmas decorations on your own
There are many clever Christmas decorations that you can make from your available home items such as make your Christmas ornaments from dough or make a small Christmas penguin ornaments.

7. Store your Christmas decoration well
Look after your Christmas decoration. It means that there is no need to change decoration every year. Just keep brittle decorations carefully and place all decorations in a store including your artificial tree.

8. Start saving straight after Christmas for next year
Put some money into a savings account each month for next Christmas and stick to do it. Your savings will give you a lump sum to spend on December rather than scraping together money. Plan well so that your savings cover food, decorations, gifts and anything else you may buy at Christmas.

There are still a lot of things you can do to celebrate Christmas without spending a big amount of money. Make a nice meal, but not an expensive one. Enjoy Christmas with your family together. Focus on fun and creativity rather than feeling guilty about not having much money for Christmas. Share your Christmas experience here with us.
source:  thepeacefulmom    wikihow