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10 incredible destinations for spicy food lovers


Have a craving for sweat-inducing spicy food that will set your tongue aflame, tear up your eyes and get your heart racing a mile a minute? Well, just how far are you willing to travel to satisfy your chilly and spice addiction? Check out this list of countries and dishes, which are sure to heat things […]

Man Pays Dinner Bill For 7 Families And Tips Waitress $1,500


Generosity of any kind is wonderful, but when it’s offered anonymously, without any desire for public recognition, it’s even more incredible. One man, whose name is unknown, recently helped a whole lot of people at a restaurant, and then he vanished without a trace. A woman who worked at a Denny’s in Utah captioned a Facebook […]

Why Smarter People Are Happier With Fewer Friends


Our ancestors lived as hunter–gatherers in small bands of about 150 individuals. In such settings, having frequent contact with lifelong friends and allies was likely necessary for survival and reproduction for both sexes.  Residents of rural areas and small towns are happier than those in suburbs, who in turn are happier than those in small […]

After Brussels, what Pope Francis did


Two days after the attacks, he went to a refugee shelter outside of Rome, where he washed and kissed the feet of Muslim migrants. “We have different cultures and religions, but we are brothers and we want to live in peace,” Francis said at the camp, where he also performed the ritual on Christian and […]

The World’s Most Beautiful Library Is In Prague, Czech Republic

best library

The Klementinum library, a beautiful example of Baroque architecture, was first opened in 1722 as part of the Jesuit university, and houses over 20,000 books. It was voted as one of the mostbeautiful and majestic libraries in the world by our readers! The ceiling frescoes were painted by Jan Hiebl. In 1781, director Karel Rafael Ungar established Biblioteca […]

40 Powerful Photos Of Women Who Changed History Forever

powerful girl

95 years ago, on August 18, 1920, the 19th Amendment was ratified to give women in the United States the right to vote. These are the women who changed history forever by being strong, brave, and human, regardless of society’s expectations for them. Jeanne Manford marches with her gay son during a Pride Parade. [1972] […]

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