Day: January 3, 2018

Horrible : Wedding Crashed By Tiger As Guests Run For Cover

This is the dramatic moment a wedding was interrupted by a TIGER. See SWNS story SWTIGER: Guests and the host were seen screaming and running for cover as the wild gatecrasher interrupted their festivities on Tuesday. But it wasn't long before they managed to drive the animal back into the forest in the Masulkhapa village of Madya Pradesh, India. The big cat then managed to roam 600km to Maharashtra in central India, and attack a woman in Sundartola village as she went to the toilet at 5am on Wednesday.

Happy couple have their day ruined when a TIGER gatecrashes their wedding sending screaming guests running for cover A tiger gatecrashed a wedding in India, leaving guests running for cover The ceremony in the village of Madya Pradesh was abruptly interrupted Footage shows guests screaming after the big cat appears from the bushes Gatecrashers can […]

The UFO Documentary You’re Not Supposed To See


The Pentagon recently authorized the release of footage of a Navy pilots close encounter with an unidentified flying object. This was presented along with the implied announcement that the U.S. government has set up a secretive military program to identify and monitor extraterrestrial threats, the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program. The program only ran from […]

Amazing : This Couple Only Eat Food Three Times A WEEK


Mother-of-two and her husband only eat three times A WEEK (and claim they’re fed by the ‘energy of the universe’) Married couple Akahi Ricardo and Camila Castello live a ‘breatharian’ lifestyle They survive by eating a piece of fruit or vegetable broth three times a week Mother-of-two Camila only ate solids five times during her […]