Day: 27

Man Blindly Following GPS Drives Jeep Into Icy Lake

A man blindly following his GPS app has driven an SUV with two passengers on board into an icy lake in the northeastern state of Vermont, local police said. The trio — friends from out of state driving a borrowed car — escaped unharmed, local media and police in the city of Burlington said in

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Bikers Were Caught Between 2 Tigers. What Happened Next ? [Watch]

It was a miraculous escape for two men, on a motorcycle, who had an encounter with not one but two fully-grown tigers in the wilderness. In an over four-minute-long stomach-churning video that has surfaced, the motorcycle-borne men, somewhere in Maharashtra, are surrounded by the big cats — a tiger in front and a tiger behind.

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Troops Drink Blood From Headless Snakes [Watch]

It was a balmy Wednesday morning when elite Indonesian troops drank blood from decapitated snakes for a grinning Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. Dozens of troops took part in an elaborate demonstration at the armed forces headquarters to cap Mattis’s two-day visit to the country as the United States looks to bolster military relationships in Southeast

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