Day: January 5, 2018

Official Turkish Body Said It Was OK For Girls To Marry At 9


Turkey’s opposition have demanded a parliamentary investigation into the Directorate of Religious Affairs, an influential government department, after it proclaimed that Islamic Law approved of boys marrying at 12 and girls at 9. In an online religious glossary intended for the public released earlier this week, Diyanet, as the body is known, stated that these […]

Ancient Coptic Scroll That Talks Of Jesus’ Wife Not A Forgery


An ancient papyrus scroll that contains a mention of Jesus’ wife is definitely ancient, leading US researchers said Thursday, following scientific analysis of the document. The controversial fragment, discovered 2012, is believed to have come from Egypt and contains writing in the Coptic language that says, “Jesus said to them, ‘My wife…’” Another part reads: […]

What Will Happen 10,000 Years From Now?


Imagining the future of humanity, our planet, and everything we hold dear in our corner of the cold dark Universe is typically the domain of science fiction, and we’re usually only worried about the next few hundred years at best. But what about thousands and thousands of years from now? What will happen then? It […]