Day: 16

Girl Loses Eye Sight After Excessive Mobile Gaming

Growing up, we always hear our parents telling us, “Don’t watch TV or play computer for so long, you’ll go blind!” But how many of us heed their warnings? Not many, right? More often than not, we ignore our parents’ advice and continue doing what we love. Now that we’ve grown up, we can definitely

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We Are Born 7 Times In This World

Very often people complain that they were born during the wrong age, or in the wrong country. Why does this happen? There are many explanations, and many people believe that we live on this planet more than once, the tricky part is that very often we have no memories of our previous lives, just some

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This Dad ‘Breastfed’ His Baby Girl In The Absence Of Her Mother

This is the most creative and loving Dad in this world. At least this is what his actions suggest… #3 Breastfeeding Breastfeeding is the most beautiful feeling a mother can experience post delivery. It is such a wonderful natural process that only women get to experience. It plays such a powerful role in the bond

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