Foods You Should Not Eat Before Boarding A Flight

Did you know Chewing Gum before flying can cause gas and bloating?


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A fantastic long weekend is just a week away and we are sure there must be some extremely awaited trips planned for that time. Lots of preparations and shopping is followed by packing and finally, the most important and exciting part of it all, the journey!

While we do make the right kind of plans of what to wear and what to carry to eat while travelling, especially flying, what we do forget is what to eat before travelling. Read below to know the foods which you must avoid before boarding a flight:

1. Fried food

It might be seem fancy and exciting to hog on some burgers and fries at the airport before you board. But you must avoid fried food before flying. The fat and oil in fried food can cause heartburn. Fried food also has high contents of sodium, which can lead to water retention or bloating in your body.

2. Broccoli

Another healthy food that must be avoided while or before flying is broccoli. Green veggies like broccoli, cauliflower and even cabbage can cause gas.

3. Carbonated drinks

While travelling, we might often feel the craving to indulge in carbonated drinks. But you must avoid them while flying as they can cause heartburn and gas. Water is always a better alternative.

4. Apples

While apples are considered to be good for health, their fibre-rich properties can sometimes be difficult for the human body to digest. It can lead to bloating and gas while flying.

5. Alcohol

Alcohol too causes dehydration. Moreover, you can have one of the worst hangovers if you board a fight drunk.

6. Beans

Protein-rich beans can cause gas. Why not avoid a situation of odour in an enclosed air craft for yourself and for your fellow passengers?

7. Red meat

Red meat is usually difficult to digest and it should be avoided before boarding a flight. It will make you feel uncomfortable and also cause discomfort to other people around you when your body will try to digest it.
avoid red meat while flying

8. Spicy food

You might be extremely fond of spicy food but you never know how spicy food reacts in your body. Stomach discomforts are quite likely after eating spicy food and hence it should be avoided before or during your flight.

9. Coffee

No matter what the occasion, coffee lovers are always ready for a warm and comforting cup of coffee. And what is better than coffee and your favourite book before your trip! However, coffee before boarding a flight is not as exciting as it sounds. Dehydrating properties of caffeine can make you feel headache and nausea in the air craft.