Day: 2

Couple Who Witnessed Las Vegas Shooting Killed in Car Explosion

Vehicle mysteriously veered off the road outside their home before exploding A married couple who witnessed and survived the Las Vegas shooting have been killed in California after their car mysteriously crashed and exploded outside their home. Dennis and Lorraine Carver were caught up in the attacks at the Route 91 Harvest music festival on

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Catholic Priest Claims Child He Raped Was Impregnated by ‘Holy Spirit’

12-year-old victim of pedophile priest falls pregnant following rape A pedophile priest has been forgiven by the Catholic Church for raping a 12-year-old child after claiming the young girl was impregnated by “the Holy Spirit.” The parents of the victim claim that Father Ariel Bartholemew is the father of their daughter’s child after they caught

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North Korea Threatens to Release Classified Info on American Moon Landings

Kim Jong-un vows to ‘the lies the US Government has played for 60 years’ North Korea has threatened to released classified documents containing top-secret information on the American moon landings. According to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the files contain details of a “secret moon program” that has been kept hidden from the public “for

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