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Incredible Facts

These Animals have adapted with Our Civilization


Wild animals have to constantly contend with growth of human civilization. Several wild animals have trained themselves to coexist in metropolitan settings. Some of the examples include pigeons and raccoons. The subway travelers in Moscow are getting accustomed with stray dogs traveling in the same trains as them. Such dogs have become familiarized to travel […]

Amazing Friendship in Lion, Tiger and Bear


Three animals; a tiger, a lion, and a bear; were bought by a drug peddler as cubs. But he could not take care of the three animals correctly as a result of which, the harness in bear’s neck went inside his skin since the drug dealer did not get it altered as the bear grew. […]

Mouse Attacks Snake to Save Friend


Zookeepers at the Hangzhou zoo, situated in Zhejiang province of eastern China, saw a strange scene when two living mice were positioned inside an area for the snake for its dinner. Daring the nature’s law, one courageous mouse was unwilling to let the snake take his friend away for its food. The keeper said ‘usually […]

Unusual Phenomenon Happen During a Total Solar Eclipse


Total solar eclipses occur when the New Moon comes between the Sun and Earth and casts the darkest part of its shadow, the umbra, on Earth. A full solar eclipse, known as totality, is almost as dark as night. During a total eclipse of the Sun, the Moon covers the entire disk of the Sun. In partial and annular solar eclipses, […]

Dangerous and Poisonous King Cobra Saved 2 Puppies


We often hear amazing stories about the animal world, and the more dangerous an animal is, the more incredible the story often turns out to be. Snakes are often considered to be the most dangerous creature on the planet, but this story helps us think otherwise. While we normally think of a King Cobra to be a terrifying creature […]

A Woman with Exceptional Powers of Mind


Chulin Sun, Woman With Exceptional Powers Of Mind Can Grow A Plant From A Seed In 20 Minutes. And scientists witnessed this unbelievable phenomenon. … The woman with special abilities demonstrated how she can speed up the germination of specific seeds aiming to develop a more robust seed stock. Extra ordinary human potential is something that has been studied for decades; […]

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