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The Haunting Truth behind the Tower of Silence


Tower of Silence, even the very name sounds intriguing only few would ever have heard it. The ones who would be familiar with the name or what this is all about would either be Parsis; or someone who is familiar with their customs; or maybe someone who just has an interest in forgotten rituals or […]

Do You Know the Existence of Amazing Non-Vegetarian Plants?


Plants obtain the nutrients that they need from the soil – through their root systems.   However, some soils are low in particular nutrients (especially nitrate – the source of nitrogen needed for organic compounds like amino acids and proteins).  Some plants have ‘solved’ this problem by being carnivorous – feeding on / digesting small arthropods, such […]

Woman Who Birthed 69 Babies


What are the limits for women? How many children can a woman possibly bear within her lifetime? Bringing even one child into this world is, incomparably, a physically exhausting process. Guinness World Records tells us the crown for giving birth to the most children goes to an 18th century Russian woman, Mrs. Valentina Vassilyev. She […]

Why People Use to Bring And Sell Mummies In the Middle Ages?


Mummies were ground up during the middle ages to make medicine because they were thought to have healing properties. … During the 17th and 18th century mummies were used to make a type of paint called mummy brown or mummia. A mummy will not normally smell like other ‘dead’ things smell, this is because the internal organs are removed (which are the biggest factors in the decay process) and replaced with […]

Scientists : Human Bodies Move After Death


An Australian scientist has proved that human bodies move around significantly for more than a year after death, in findings that could have implications for detectives and pathologists around the world. After studying and photographing the movements of a corpse over 17-months, Alyson Wilson told AFP on Friday that she found humans don’t exactly rest […]

Why These People Don’t Bath Throughout Their Life?


The Himba people who are also regarded as the Omuhimba or Ovahimba people are indigenous people of Namibia living in northern part of Namibia especially in the Kunene region. What makes this tribe so popular has to do with their way of living, clothing, economy, and interesting customs. One of the grapevines is that they […]

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