“I was very happy and excited about the fact that I have someone who has shared everything with me including my mother’s womb”.


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One can share chocolates, bed, blanket but womb? Check out annoying stuff twins have done while taking advantage of being identical.

Fooling around in April

On 1st April I went to teach my twin brother’s class. After a while, he entered and screamed at me to be an imposter.

Everyone’s jaws dropped and there was pin drop silence. We challenged students to identify the original professor.


Melodramatic movie storyline

I wanted to quit my job. So, asked my twin brother to come to my office unshaved and become the future me.

He came and created a drama that I will have to underground myself due to some reason. We quickly ran out.


Too good to be harassed

My sister is one gem of a girl. She had an abusive, terrible boyfriend. We decided to switch places.

I played the role of my sister, went there and broke up with him in a very bad way almost making him cry.


Knowingly unknown

On the weekends I am usually not in a mood to meet acquaintances.

So to avoid them I pretend to be my twin brother and save myself from exchanging fake pleasantries.


United we stand

I swapped with my brother and appeared for two rounds of an interview.

He got selected for the job and had a smooth start since I already explained to him how everyone looks like.


Twins plus One

To have fun we triplets would exchange places in school for a day.

We asked help from our friends and would successfully finish the whole without getting caught.


Easy to win

My friends didn’t know that I am a twin.

We went to a bar where my brother was already present. I challenged everyone to race till the top floor. They were exhausted while my brother (me) was having a drink there.


Embarrassed and ashamed

My brother told his girlfriend that I was coming to meet them but didn’t tell that we were twins.

As I reached college, she came from behind hugged and kissed me and then found about my identity.


Over and over again

I entered a library and told a friend that I was looking for my twin brother. 5 mins later I removed my jacket and went in again pretending to be the other brother.

My brother then came in wearing different clothes. She was shocked thinking that we were triplets.


Brutal Revenge

I got suspended because of my brother by not telling me the detention on a dress code. In return, I favored him by failing him in a French test.


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