9 Traits of the Most Grounded People in Your Life

It goes without saying that the behavior of the people we interact with rubs off on us: someone else’s smile makes us happier, just as someone else’s frown makes us more disgruntled. However, it may come as a surprise that surrounding yourself with positive people could very well be the best technique to succeed in life.

More specifically, extremely grounded individuals are likely the best influences of all—and nine of the characteristics they possess in particular help explain this general truth.

#1: They’re unwavering.

People who are grounded realize that few things in the world are “life or death”; most of the time, remaining calm and cool is the best strategy to find solutions to problems. What’s more, even in a true crisis this is usually the optimum technique, and it also tends to keep people who are not so grounded calmer and cooler (which, in turn, enables them to be a part of potential solutions as opposed to additional problems, as well).

#2: They’re dependable.

You can count on grounded individuals to show up on time, to do what they say they will do, and to do virtually everything within their power to do what is asked of them. Rather than spending time making excuses or criticizing others, these people get the job done as efficiently and effectively as possible, and then they begin brainstorming in regards to future commitments and obligations.

#3: They possess a steadfast moral compass.

Because of this, well-grounded human beings have little to regret, so they spend more time thinking positively and compelling those around them to be more positive as well.

#4: They’re humble.

Since people who are grounded do not go out of their way to impress others, the people around them are more likely to learn from them rather than resent them. Again, this enhances the positivity and productiveness of everyone involved.

#5: They possess appropriate self-esteem.

Grounded individuals are confident without being cocky, and this allows them to take the right kind of risks for the right reasons, which inevitably leads to both personal and group success.

#6: They don’t worry needlessly or excessively.

As alluded to, if someone around you worries, you can’t help but worry at least a little too. If you are confident that you can adapt to virtually any situation even if something goes wrong, you will worry less, and fewer things will go wrong (it’s reciprocal).

#7: They stand up for what is right, and for what matters.

By picking their battles wisely, well-grounded people are listened to and taken seriously more often. As a result of this, they can genuinely affect change in significantly positive ways.

#8: They don’t cave to peer pressure or peer approval.

This branches off of #7. What’s right is right, and what matters… matters. There’s no point in crying over spilled milk, but grounded individuals realize that appeasing people for shallow reasons is not a positive thing to do—and doing so can have detrimental effects on a group as a whole.

#9: They selflessly encourage and help other individuals.

Selfish individuals are rarely beneficial to anyone around them because many actions that benefit a group as a whole do not greatly benefit every single person within the group. Conversely, if an individual puts the benefit of a group before the benefit of themselves, it works out better for everyone in the long run.

Source : irelease.org/9-traits-of-the-most-grounded-people-in-your-life