Girl Loses Eye Sight After Excessive Mobile Gaming

Growing up, we always hear our parents telling us, “Don’t watch TV or play computer for so long, you’ll go blind!” But how many of us heed their warnings? Not many, right?

More often than not, we ignore our parents’ advice and continue doing what we love. Now that we’ve grown up, we can definitely tell that our parents were only worried for our wellbeing!

Some of us even have our own kids now, and because we’re in the modern age, children are more exposed to the digital world, so you may even find yourself in your parents’ shoes warning your child not to watch TV or play with their phone too long!

The rest of you who are still growing up, please listen to your parents’ advice, they only want the best for you.

Cause you wouldn’t want to end up like this 21-year-old girl, known as Wu in Dongguan, China. She is currently suffering vision loss in her right eye as she did not listen to her parents’ advice.

Wu took advantage of China’s Golden Week Holiday to stay home and rest, She decided to stay home even though her friends invite her out because of the notorious traffic jams in China during this holiday period.


Wu is a big fan of the recently trending mobile game in China “王者荣耀” (King of Glory), and she wanted to stay home to play the game. She reportedly played the game after dinner around 7 pm non-stop until she suddenly lost sight in her right eye.

She initially thought that all she needed was a little bit of rest, and so she went to sleep but when she woke up the following day, her eye condition remained.

She panicked and her parents brought her to the hospital where she was diagnosed with retinal artery obstruction, a disease usually occurs in elderly patients and very rare with people as young as Wu.

The doctors said that her eyes were incredibly fatigued by the stress she has put on them as she was addicted to the game and would play for hours non-stop.

According to Sina, Wu would start playing the game without break for seven to eight hours straight once she finished work and she would not do anything else.

She said:

“During my days off, I would wake up at 6 am, eat breakfast and start playing until around 4 pm. I would stop and eat something before taking a short nap and continue playing until 1 am or 2 am. Sometimes, I would even be too lazy to stop and eat.”

Feeling regretful for not listening to her parents, she now has to spend time in the hospital while the doctors are trying to save her vision.


Every doctor would say the same thing, that we shouldn’t stare at the screen for too long and that taking a break every once in a while is crucial because, in the long run, too much screen-time is not good for our eyes.

So learn something today guys, too much of something is never good for you, practice moderation, play your favorite mobile games a while and go about your day, do not binge play, or binge watch!

Afterall, you only have a pair of eyes, and once you risk it, you’ll no longer be able to see the beauty in this world! So take care of your eyes and your overall wellbeing!

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