Police. Law enforcement. Keeping order.
All of these descriptors are intended to make the police seem like a friendly next-to-door public service whose sole purpose is to prevent crime and uphold order.
But nothing could be farther from the truth.


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Do you know just exactly how many shootings there is by police in the US alone? No? Well, you might get worried once you realize that not even the police knows. In fact, there is no clear statistic on just how many police shootings there were in the previous years.

A good example of such carelessness with statistics is Albert Jermaine Payton, an Afro-American youth who was gunned down after wielding a knife in front of policemen. There’s a lot to be said about whether the shooting was necessary or whether tasers would achieve a much less lethal effect, but one thing remains for certain: the killing of Albert Jermaine Payton wasn’t listed in records kept by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

This simply begs the question of why so many shootings are kept off the record. But there’s more. There are states where records are taken more seriously, and the results are nothing short of alarming.

Officers in Utah killed more than 45 people in the last 3 years, which means that they are responsible for death of more people than gang members, child abusers or robbers. In fact, only murder at the hands of a partner accounted for more killings than the police.

A careful examination by a third party agency has found that from 2007 to 2012, more than 1800 people have perished under a law enforcer’s gun – about 45% more than what the FBI records would suggest! What’s worse, even the faulty records of the Federal Bureau of Investigation claim that majority of these murders were justified – because it is right for a man with a gun to kill a man whom he only suspects having a gun.

To add insult to the injury, the statistics on the homicides caused by federal officers are completely missing – for the entire decade! Completely absent are also the police shootings records of the three most populous states – Illinois, Florida and New York.

Police department has created a sub-culture of sorts that is mostly interested in keeping the status quo within their own small community than to work efficiently and with effort in order to keep the crime off the streets. Cases of police brutality are, as can be seen plainly, routinely covered up in order to prevent appropriate legal sanction for this kind of behavior.

The shooting of Michael Brown is a horrid affair, but it just might be the trigger to solving a huge problem that has been the cancer of American society for far too long.
source: wjla    independent