Why Women Sleep More Than Men?

Do women need more sleep than men? The researcher pointed out that women tend to multi-task and use more of their actual brain than men leading to a greater need for sleep. Essentially, the more you use your brain during the day, the more it needs to rest while asleep.


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A study by Loughborough University in the United Kingdom found that the more a person uses their brain during the day, the more sleep they need to recover.

Research has shown that the female brain works more complexly, that is, it has extra functionality because women perform different tasks alternately with their work like taking care of children, solving domestic problems, cleaning and cleaning the house, going to the supermarket, paying for different types of services, taking care of food, etc. Hence more tasks require more hours of sleep.

Not to mention that for many women, family and work responsibilities can make a full night’s sleep difficult. Feeding an infant or responding to young children at night, or working in the evenings to accommodate a busy daytime family schedule; many women find themselves stretched between work and home life, and healthy sleep often takes a back seat.

Some women find it harder to sleep during certain phases of their menstrual cycle; pregnancy brings hormonal and temperature changes, as well as discomfort that makes sleep difficult; and the dropping estrogen levels associated with menopause can lead to hot flashes that disrupt sleep as well.

Jim Horne, the research’s creator, explains: ‘The more a person uses their brains during the day and this is the case with women, the more likely they are to do several tasks and have multiple thoughts at the same time – the more hours of sleep they need to get. One of the main functions of sleep is to enable the brain to recover and repair. The fact that women’s brains work in a more complex way makes them need more time to reach this stage.

On average, a person needs to sleep for 6 to 8 hours to eliminate tiredness and forget about daytime activities. On the other hand, the study also found that as the hours go on at night, women’s sleep becomes lighter, which makes it easier for home noises, such as a child’s crying or an alarm; wake them up more easily than men.

It was proved that lack of rest just causes more harmful effects on the health of women than in men. This can lead to cardiovascular problems, diabetes, depression, stress or anxiety.

The study found that with 20 minutes more sleep / good rest, the woman can replenish her energy. Obviously, beyond 20 minutes, men should ideally help women solve their household problems. The division of tasks is the least expected today. That way maybe not even 20 minutes would be needed.