How Can You Punish a Narcissist?

Narcissism is not as rare as you might think, and everyone has had their experiences with the followers of this strain, if not in an intimate relationship, but certainly on a friendly basis or at work.


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Anyone who has ever been the victim of a narcissist knows what damage he can do to a person’s soul. And every victim has a deep desire within him – to make him suffer as he suffered himself…

Maybe you have been in a relationship with a narcissist who mentally or even physically abused you. Or you have someone who is close to you and who has landed in the claws of this egomaniac. Whatever, you know how destructive these people are and what damage they can leave in a person’s life. Any normal person would like to punish a narcissist for inhumane behavior. But how? Can you do it anyway?

How can you punish a narcissist?

You can’t just turn away, forget and keep going. Because the pain and the black hole that he has left in you, are far too big and he should pay for it, understandably. But how can you punish someone who can’t show emotions?

Play with his thoughts

Arrogance and envy are omnipresent companions of the narcissist. Since he always has to be convinced that he is the best and most wonderful, nothing can throw him to the ground like putting someone else in front of him in the limelight.

Keep reminding him of projects he never finished

Narcissists usually never finish anything, so it’s worth pointing them out and asking them questions about their personal project. Simple questions like, “What, you still have not finished?” Will make him sweat a lot.

His biggest nightmare is to be considered a failure because it does not fit into his perfectly painted self-image. Do not forget that this self-image is the only important thing for him in this world; the whole meaning in life revolves around his grandiose “me” alone.

Make him gifts that make him doubt his self-perception

A little trick to make him crazy: You can z. For example, buy something in the wrong size of clothing, as a silent remark that you believe that it has increased slightly.

Be unresponsive

When the narcissist talks about himself, then always to be noticed and praised. He’s always looking for confirmation, so you’ll always hear him tell stories that make him look good. Often it will be also what praise he received – at work the boss told him that he is the only one whom he likes to see in the company.

Your revenge at this point is a simple “aha” as a response. Or keep silent. Nothing else. You must neither praise nor condemn him or her, but only show indifference. To stand face-to-face with the narcissist and to ignore him is crumbling his pedestal, on which he has placed himself. There is no worse punishment for him than being surrounded by people who do not want to feed their ego.

Go one step further

If these tiny maladies can not give you enough peace of mind, then it might be useful to dig up a body from its basement. If you have anything against him, your best revenge is to announce that you know everything and reveal it – and that’s it!

The psychology behind it is that he will shiver for losing his mask in public. Narcissists are paranoid and their biggest fear is to be poor and to be manipulated themselves. If you were to put the threat into action, it would not take long. He would soon regain control and get over it. But if you tease him at intervals of torture, he is so crazy with paranoia that he reveals himself step by step.

The consequences

Do not forget that a narcissist for a person without empathy is capable of much more than you. You have to understand that a narcissist is incapable of feeling and showing remorse. In this respect, your revenge campaign makes no sense. You’re only inciting him to hurt you, and he does not tire of this marathon. He will never stand still, but at one point you will lose your power and give up your mind.

The best punishment for him is your self-love and self-affirmation

He is in itself his biggest punishment. But if you know his nature, you know that the best punishment for narcissism is ignorance. For someone who is only looking for admiration, there is no greater punishment than complete indifference. If he could see that he could not break you, you forgot him and you do not care about him, happy and complacent without him, then it would be the highest defeat for him.

A narcissist is a thoroughly vindictive being whom you are no match for. Believe it, someone who was already on a vendetta with a narcissist. For the time being, you believe that you will be blessed if you hurt him for change. But in a way, you enrich him and give him just what he needs. In his twisted mind he enjoys this kind of confrontation.

And, man oh man, he is a master in this game. He does not choose his means and for every trick you play him, he will go to extremes. If you were very close, he will use everything he knows about you against you. With his charm and manipulation skills, he can even turn your friends against you and you’ll soon face an army.

He will not shy away from spreading lies about you that could harm you. Very soon you will realize that revenge is not sweet, but extremely bitter.

As Confucius already wisely said, “Whoever seeks revenge, the grave two graves.”

So be better prepared that everything will collapse on you, but the narcissist will stand as the sacrifice and innocent lamb and smile to all this.

You want to get into the ring and throw it down, but it will not work that way. The narcissist will not let you out of the ring. You will have to fight to the point of exhaustion, give up, and perhaps perish completely.
So think again.

As wisdom states, anger is as if you were drinking poison yourself, expecting your enemy to die. And that’s true, even if you still do not feel that way. Instead of starting your healing process and a new life, you will continue to stay in its claws and only inflict further damage to your soul.

Looking back years later, you will see how important it is to learn to accept the bad parts of life the way they are to take them as a learning material to build a happier future. You will realize that you are ruler of yourself and can choose between punishment and clinging to the past, or hope with a straight view of the future. Choose the hope and forgiveness – not because of him, but for your sake.

Your best punishment for him, therefore, is to stay away from him, in every imaginable way. Banish him from social networks. Change your address and mobile number if you have to. Direct your energy in a different direction and you will be rewarded for it. Do not forget that we will become what we think. To give goodness to your life, you must be prepared for it and direct your thoughts in that direction.

You may never be the person you used to be, but keep in mind that the narcissist will never change. He will be the same hard-hearted and cruel person to the end of his life. He will never feel true love, experience true friendship, and know the true joys of human existence. And all that he has collected in his life in a dishonest way will fade.

Thus, you are the winner, turning your back on him and living your life as the truly great, loving, independent, and friendly person you were before this fateful encounter.