You are a Perfect Woman if You Have These Qualities

Physical beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Women of all shapes and sizes can and should be considered beautiful in their own way. But regardless of what you look like, there are certain personality traits that can only enhance your appeal.

Did you ever notice that at first you may not have been attracted to a guy, but once you’ve met him, was he suddenly irresistible? That’s because the look can only hold your interest until you need substance. The same goes for girls.

There are so many women who did not have a classic, beautiful face, but the men were literally in line. Because they had an inner sex appeal! Ask any man and he’ll tell you that a great personality keeps him close, and no matter how you look at it, those five attributes will never steer you wrong.

Sense of humor

Whether you have flawless comedy timing or the unique ability to see humor in any situation, the ability to laugh about life is crucial. Having sense of humor also means being able to laugh at yourself. Women who can laugh at themselves and do not take life so hard are super sexy.

Your sense of humor will not only lead you through the hard times, but as a side effect will cause people to be close to you.

Most boys are looking for a girl who not only makes them laugh, but also has their own unique sense of humor. If you appreciate a good fart joke, he will not be able to resist you for long. Everyone likes to surround themselves with people who make you feel good, that areis why women with a good sense of humor are so irresistible.


Knowing who you are and standing up for them is the best way to get people to take notice of you. The girl who walks into a room and feels good in her own skin is the girl who receives the most attention, because people want to know what makes her so great.

Do you know those girls who do not have to rely on the approval of others to feel good? Do you see how they know that they are fantastic no matter what others think?

It may be easier said than done, but it is possible. If everything else fails, just fool it until you can do it. The most famous hot people out there will all say the same thing to you – that healthy self-esteem is everything you need. It’s the outfit that always makes you look good and never goes out of fashion.

Real independence

Having lunch alone would never embarrass you. Spending a whole weekend doing your own thing is actually a dream come true. You do not need a guy by your side for every step you take, and you’re always famed for being single instead of hoping desperately for a friend.

Independent women are hot because they do not rely on others to find their happiness. They know that happiness comes from within and that only they can make themselves happy. They sometimes rely on others, but in the end, they know it’s about trusting themselves.

No one wants a too devoted woman in a relationship. No man wants to bear the burden of being solely responsible for the happiness of a woman. Some people are really good at pretending independence, but inside they long for the days when they have a guy to do things with.

But guys like a girl who has her own life and will not cling to his at the first opportunity. The girls do not wait for a man to invite them, they live their lives and even take the first step when the mood is right. They are not waiting for anyone.

Open minded

We may never understand all the experiences of others, but that does not mean that we can’t be open to learning. Trying out new things, meeting new people and getting out there is what life is all about.

People will recognize condemning, snobbish women and avoid them immediately, but if you’re easy-going, spontaneous and ready for anything, you’re going to put on more guys than you know what to do with them.

Guys do not want a girl who always has something negative to say, they want one that takes every opportunity to experience and learn something new. There is nothing sexier than an intelligent woman who is passionate about learning and new experiences. Women who learn for life are so much more attractive.

The ability to mix up with everyone

A woman takes care of others and gets along well with almost everyone. Not only superficially, but she really cares about the thoughts, feelings and actions of others. Being good with people is a necessity in both your professional and personal life.

You want to be one of those women who can connect easily and is totally memorable, because you never know when or where you can meet someone who can help you with something.

We all know that the best way to meet a man is through mutual friends, so the more people you make a positive impression, the bigger your dating pool gets. You’re a good catch, and if all your friends and acquaintances know it, you’ll never be single for long.