2 Cops Rape a teenage girl at police station!

rape by cop

In yet another shocking incident of another police brutality and taking advantage of its power and position 2 cops rape a 14 year old girl, In Uttar Pradesh, India.
In Badaun district on 31st night while this girl was returning to home, 2  two police constables Veer Pal and Avanish kidnapped her, pushed in police car and took her to the police station.

These so called guardians of law then locked her there and rape her mercilessly. Later when her condition deteriorated, these brutes dumped her in the outer parts of a town at midnight.

When she narrated the incident to her mother, she went to police station to log a complain, but the police officer refused.
It was only after media highlighted this incident that an FIR was registered.
This happens when corrupt and moral-less people are handed over the responsibility to protect the law.
They will do all possible to take advantage of their power, killing, raping and exploiting innocent people.

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