Day: 3

Woman Climbs Inside Zoo Exhibit, Taunts Lion

The woman climbs over the fence as other zoo patrons protest. “You’re not supposed to do that,” a man says three times, in a video uploaded Saturday to an Instagram account that appears to belong to the barrier-jumper herself. But the woman keeps going. She steps through foliage to face the lion, which stares at

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Woman Forced to Sit in Own Urine for 7 Hours in the Plane

We have heard about a lot of bizarre incidents taking place in an airplane but never as bad as the one we are about to tell you. An Irish woman on an Air Canada flight last month was made to sit in her own urine for 7 hours. The 26-year-old woman was flying back to Dublin

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Do You Know the Existence of Amazing Non-Vegetarian Plants?

Plants obtain the nutrients that they need from the soil – through their root systems.   However, some soils are low in particular nutrients (especially nitrate – the source of nitrogen needed for organic compounds like amino acids and proteins).  Some plants have ‘solved’ this problem by being carnivorous – feeding on / digesting small arthropods, such

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