I was recently told of an African tribe that does the most beautiful thing.


Learn a unique lesson from this African tribe!

I recently came to know about an African tribe that does something very unique and beautiful.
Whenever anyone does anything wrong, people of the tribe take that person to middle of town to surround him. For the next two days, people of the tribe tell that person about every good thing he might have ever done.

The tribe does so as it believes that each human comes in this world as a good soul and desires peace, safety, happiness, and love. A few times, to chase those basic desires, people commit mistakes which the whole tribe sees as a call to attract help from others.

So, the whole community comes together to hold and reconnect their member with his/her original self and to also tell the man about his actual nature. They do it till the time he/she totally remembers the reality from which he disconnected for a short term: ‘I am good.’

Amazing things to learn from this tribe for sure…