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Correct Seating Position


Sitting straight in the chair is indeed bad for the back. Instead, you should slouch at 135 degrees angle. Scottish as well as Canadian researchers used fresh magnetic resonance imaging form of which shows that sitting in a straight manner provides needless strain on the back. BackCare charity’s Levent Caglar says, “Generally, opening the angle between […]

Clean your Arteries using one simple fruit


This fruit can clean your arteries in the best way. Pomegranate is really helpful in preventing the progression of coronary artery disease. Journal Atherosclerosis published a study which confirmed that extract from pomegranate might prevent and even reverse primary pathology linked with the cardiac mortality. Study on mice with genetic weakness towards natural coronary artery blockages […]



This is how cancer feed on sugar!  Sugar is not only a main source of getting excess calories but also increases chances of cancer cells lapping up on high fructose containing corn syrup. The latest study shows that pancreatic tumor cells make use of fructose to split and then reproduce. The tumor cells increased on […]

Never Brush Your Teeth Immediately After a Meal


If you too are a fan of brushing your teeth immediately after taking meals, then this one’s for you. * Brushing teeth soon after eating can badly damage them * Dentists warn that brushing in half an hour can decay teeth * It sends the corrosive acids very deep into the teeth * Brushing after […]

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