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Simple And Best Ways To Lose Weight Easily


The potential health consequences of being overweight are perhaps the biggest cause for alarm. These health issues are well-documented and include illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, cancer and hypertension (high blood pressure).  Daily life is also made more difficult in that overweight people are generally more fatigued and prone to depressive symptoms. For […]

When You Shouldn’t Consume Ginger


This amazing root can offer numerous health benefits, but its consumption should be avoided in combination with insulin- based drugs, anticoagulants and beta- blockers. Due to its powerful properties and strong effect against numerous health disorders, ginger is often considered to be a universal medicine. It had been used for ages, as it is a powerful […]

How Your Body Reacts When You Drink Coke?


There are approximately 10 teaspoons of added sugar in a single can of cola. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommend consuming no more than 6 teaspoons of added sugar daily, meaning drinking just one serving of cola a day could take us well above these guidelines. The intense sweetness of Coca-Cola as a result of […]

For Better Health Avoid These Foods


Many common food items have been scientifically shown to increase cancer risk, and some of them substantially. Here are the most unhealthy, cancer-causing foods that you should never eat again in order to continue remain healthy. Genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) It goes without saying that GMOs have no legitimate place in any cancer-free diet, especially now […]

Always Take Care And Love Your Body


All religions endorse the idea that we ought to take care of our bodies and not act in ways that are reckless and endanger our health. Affiliated members are free to ignore these teachings or take them to heart. In some faith traditions, however, the respect shown for health goes beyond lip service. It may […]

Most Store Honey Isn’t Real Honey


Honey has a dirty little secret: Your honey has been spiked and can be tainted with lead and antibiotics. Spiking honey is a common practice in the US. It means that corn syrup or other sweeteners have been added to honey to make it more affordable.  In fact more than 75% of all honey sold […]

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