Stay Single until You Meet the Perfect Guy

We are all afraid of being alone. Single life quickly becomes lonely and sometimes it’s hard to resist falling into the arms of the next guy who comes over.


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Although it feels like the right choice at the time, it may be our loneliness that speaks there. Sometimes we yearn for a relationship so much that we run straight into our own heartbreak. But the guy who is perfect for you will come earlier than you think, and when he comes you will see that it was worth the wait.

Stay single until you meet the perfect guy who:-

  • Opens the doors for you to go through.
  • Make sure that you walk off the street on the sidewalk so that you are safe.
  • Shamelessly holds your hand and kisses you in public.
  • Wants to take you to his parents.
  • Has friends who know about you before you even met them.
  • Drops everything for you and is always where you need it.
  • Says: “Write to me when you get home safely” and stay on until he knows you are.
  • That you would proudly introduce to your father.
  • Don’t try to change you.
  • Always writes back without asking senseless questions.
  • Has no time for games and is always honest when it comes to how he feels, even if it is not what you want to hear.
  • Pulls you in public and kisses your forehead.
  • Pays lunch out of respect and won’t let you touch your wallet.
  • Always keeps his word.
  • Knows when he is wrong and apologizes.
  • Sends flowers to your office, just like that.
  • Sends you sweet lyrics all the time, especially when you need them.
  • Makes you a better girl.
  • Motivates you to achieve more and be better.
  • Never lets you doubt how he feels.
  • Is sure of yourself and his career and wants you to be part of his future.
  • Just says “I love you” so you know.
  • Never ceases to inspire you.
  • Always gives you a reason to stay.
  • Makes you more beautiful than you ever felt.
  • Still gives you butterflies when you see him, especially when he kisses you.
  • You will know when you meet him because he will change your life.
  • You can’t live without him.