Zombies are dreaded creatures in the horror genre. There are many films that captured the dread of how the world would look like if it is overrun by the undead. Recent studies are conducted regarding the possibility of zombie apocalypse and the conclusions are shocking. The most controversial of these studies was conducted by students from University of Leicester. You won’t believe how long or short it would take for a zombie apocalypse to wipe out the human race.


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The study is one of the bleakest scientific studies ever conducted. Researchers found out that it would only take 100 days for the undead to completely devastate mankind. They used advanced mathematical procedures to come up with that conclusion. Using statistical analysis they have also foreseen that the short number of days would mean that only a small band of survivors will only remain.

In most zombie themed TV shows and films there is a common trope of having a small group of survivors in search of some sort of same place or fortress that can protect them from the undead. In a hypothetical real world setting, it would be harder for the survivors to evade the hordes of zombies. They would be outrun and out gunned by the number of zombies. According to their statistical analysis less than 300 survivors around the world will only remain after the 100th day of the zombie apocalypse.


In short, a real life zombie apocalypse would be scarier than any zombie flick that we have seen. It would take a long time for humans to repopulate Earth with that small number of people(ranging from 270-300 survivors). With these small number, mankind is outnumbered by 1,000,000 zombies to one survivor. These figures may be shocking at first glance but it’s not far from reality. It was speculated that the zombies from World War Z has the greatest potential to ravage mankind.