This is a strange looking hive found by an IMGUR user named Robbie1249. He was shocked by the discovery after opening the water meter box he didn’t check for a long time. Robbie was afraid to remove the hive because of it’s disturbing appearance. He asked for help in the image sharing website named Imgur, you won’t believe what they found out.


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Robbie writes:

Imgur, can you help? My parent’s opened their water meter box for the first time in ages, and found this inside. We have no idea what it is. The box is probably 20x40cm. There were flies buzzing around but no other animals we can see. Kinda afraid to remove it until we know what it is. Edit: we live in Brisbane, Australia

Robbie1249 thanked the Imgur users(Omnirock,TexasRaised) for informing him that the hive is pretty safe, despite its horrific appearance. It turned out that the hive is from a certain species of a stingless bee. Yes it’s true, the diminutive swarm of Tetragonula can build abominations like this. The hive looks like something straight out of a science fiction or body horror film. Some commenters in Robbie1249’s post even made pop culture references.


Australia is known for its diverse wildlife. Some netizens even joke that everything that crawls in Australia is going to kill you. And the joke is not far from reality, Australia is teeming with poisonous snakes crawling even in shopping malls!