Many religions and philosophies around the world believe in the existence of the Akashic Records. The word Akasha means space or sky in Sanskrit. According to philosophers and mystics it is where the collective knowledge of universe resides.


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Some even believe that everything and everyone have a record in the Akashic plane. New Agers even claim that one can access the Akashic records through meditation while some Christians believe that the Akashic Records may just be another name for the Book of Life.


Some people believe that Akashic Records made it possible for the universe to exist. A creator may have created the Akashic Records for the universe to exist. They believe that the Akashic Records is not merely a huge transcendental place that can house unlimited information. In fact they believe that the Akashic Records is more than a library, instead it is the most powerful supercomputer that programmed the fine tuned laws of the universe. In science it is called the Anthropic principle.

“Scientists are slowly waking up to an inconvenient truth – the universe looks suspiciously like a fix. The issue concerns the very laws of nature themselves. Example: neutrons are just a tad heavier than protons. If it were the other way around, atoms couldn’t exist, because all the protons in the universe would have decayed into neutrons shortly after the big bang. No protons, then no atomic nucleuses and no atoms. No atoms, no chemistry, no life. Like Baby Bear’s porridge in the story of Goldilocks, the universe seems to be just right for life.”
― Paul Davies


Many scientists would dismiss the idea of Anthropic principle and the Akashic Records. They label these ideas as pseudo-scientific. Recent discoveries in the field of quantum physics may give way to the empirical discovery of the Akashic records. But for now these ideas are just in the field of philosophy and mysticism.