Car Abducted By Aliens Caught On Security Camera

The fascination of finding concrete evidences to the origin/existence of Aliens or UFO just grows and grows as time goes by.

And a viral video uploaded on YouTube may lit more fire to the mind-boggling existence of extraterrestrial beings.


The video shows a car on a road that suddenly got lost on the security camera footage, it was believed that the car was abducted by UFOs. The footage was from Cavalier, North Dakota.

People have speculated that the car was just one of the random abductions of aliens. But contrary to the user comments, there’s also theories which states that the ‘disappearance’ is only due to a camera glitch or video editing.


To balance the thoughts regarding the car’s disappearance, UFO expert Nigel Watson says that who wrote Haynes, UFO Investigations Manual,

“It is very rare to get film footage of an actual alien abduction, However, in this case we do not know who was in the car or if the occupants have gone missing” – Nigel Watson

Watch the video here

Watson may be skeptical to the veracity of the alleged UFO Abduction but one thing’s for sure and that is, people will still wonder if its truly possible to get abducted by aliens.