What do people regret the most at the time of death?

Death is never a pleasant topic to think about. However, have you ever wondered what all those people who are parting from this life regret the most? Well, a study was done, and the answer to this dilemma will surprise you. Not only that, we can learn from their experiences and their dilemmas in order to make the most of our life here on Earth. So what are the biggest regrets of the dying?

  1. 1.      Not going after dreams. Most people regret that they never did with their life what they wanted, only what was expected of them or imposed on them by others.
  2. 2.      Working too much. This is generally tied to not seeing family members too much.

  3. 3.      Not seeing friends much. Having close friends has been consistently proven to greatly improve personal happiness and lifespan, and thus it isn’t a surprise that a lot of the dying regret not spending enough time with them.

  4. 4.      Not saying “I love you.” Not being frank with people you love will come back to haunt you back in life. Don’t hold back – at worst, nothing will happen, at best, you may find your own true love.

  5. 5.      Holding back. A lot of people keep their opinions to themselves for a myriad of reasons, even if expressing them would be socially acceptable. However, at the end of one’s life, all the restraints are gone and only missed opportunities remain.

  6. 6.      Unresolved conflicts. People on deathbed feel that different conflicts that there are in are sort of a tarnish on their entire life. Humans dislike being disliked, especially in their last hours.

  7. 7.      Not having children. Modern thinking wants us to think of children as inconveniences that prevent us from reaching our ambitions; however, in the old age, children are the ones that are most likely to be by our side. Not only that, it is easier for the dying to leave their life’s work to their kids.

  8. 8.      Not saving money for retirement. Not having funds in the old age is usually a result of spending money in the now. This can lead to a destitute and miserable end. Make saving for your retirement your priority.

  9. 9.      Not being true to yourself. The dying often wonder what their life would be like if they didn’t put up all sorts of masks. To make matters worse, they wonder whether people who liked them would have liked them if they knew who they really were.

10. Not knowing that happiness is a choice. All of the above statements can be abridged into this one. Simply, we are not victims of circumstance for most of the time, even though we make ourselves to believe that. Your happiness starts today.