Miracles of Dry skin cleansing!

Like we all brush our teeth, we should also clean our skin with a soft handy brush, when our skin is dry.This have got amazing benefits and also proven science behind it.


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Now the science goes by the fact that if your blood is toxic, or impure and you are unhealthy then it will be visible through your skin, which is the largest organ of your body and also very sensitive.
There will be pimples on your face, on body and itching.

When we itch a part of our body then it gets red, this is because the blood circulation in that area increases. We can use this face for greater good of our body.
When you brush with a very soft brush (not with hard one) your skin then:-
it increases the blood flow to that area,
it also gets your skin rid of deal skin which will result in a smoother and glowing skin,
it will also clean your pores and open them,
all of this increased the oxygen supply and availability to skin.

This not only adds a glow to your skin but also gets your rid of many skin related issues.
Not only this, but in time you will also look much younger and energized. And it is worth a try (Although you will definitely get good results).

First of all make sure that you are using a brush made or natural material,
Do Not use a hard brush,
Do Not brush hard, if your skin turns red then you are probably doing it hard,
While brushing, make sure that both you and your brush is dry,
You can scrub longitudinally, that is recommend,
When it comes to your stomach area then you should brush it circular anticlockwise, this will also help in your digestion.
Do not do it on your face.
After brushing take a bath, followed by which you should use a good moisturizer but again use a natural moisturizer, like coconut oil.